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Hi there! I'm Lane! I'm just a silly girl who likes Star Trek, Welcome to Night Vale, Pacific Rim, Tron, Marvel comics, Pushing Daisies, Portal, Top Gear, all things Tolkien (particularly The Hobbit), Bioshock Infinite (mostly just Robert and Rosalind), plus other various things.

19/ Yooper/ resident Diamond/ Pokemon Master

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❒ Taken ❒ Single ✔ Star Trek has been, and always shall be, my soul mate.

skype ID: laneaustria

Always feel free to add me on skype! I'm always up for a video chat if my schedule permits! Just make sure you toss me a message so I know! ^w^

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Jul 15 '12

I know that feel bro

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May 9 '12


So does that mean if you ship Tony/Steve/Bruce as an OT3 it can be called the Stark Spangled Banner? 

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